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Illyricum City

The City of Illyricum is the largest integrated tourist city in Europe in partnership with the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located 20 km from Sarajevo International Airport in the municipality of Trnovo in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a tourist area overlooking the length of the Dinaric Alps mountain ranges on a total area of about 20 million square feet.

Most Important landmarks in the city

  1. The city will have almost 2 million square meters surface

  2. The city has the largest dancing fountain in Europe in the center of the city

  3. The city has the largest commercial mall in the region on an area of one million square feet

  4. There are 24 international restaurants in the city with direct views of the dancing fountain

  5. The city has the largest international hospital in the region, covering an area of 600,000 feet

  6. The city has world the first Abrahamic Temple for 4 Abrahamic religions, the largest sports complex, sports clubs, various villa complexes, hotels, residential buildings, parks, cable car, electric train, zipline, entertainment centers and other facilities...

  7. One of our selling points in regards to the city of “Illyricum” is (as the name indicates) Ozone. Ozone is naturally available in the atmosphere of the Olympic mountains of Bjelasnica located (location info) at the outskirts of the capital city Sarajevo.


You might ask yourself: why are we exactly stressing the point of Ozone, and why have we decided to even include it in the city name, is it really of that a great importance, or are we just trying to sugarcoat things?

To answer your questions, we will firstly try and explain what Ozone actually means, how it formulates, and the actual benefits that come along with it.

Some people might start by saying Wait a second! Isn’t Ozone actually poisonous?” and to that we will immediately reply “ABSOULUTLY NOT”. There is an urban myth going around about Ozone being poisonous or hazard to life; when in fact without the existence of Ozone in our atmosphere; life will for sure become extinct.

To try and explain Ozone more, we could start by explaining how the Oxygen actually benefits our systems. Everybody knows that Oxygen is a very important component of our body, it is also the main source for the activation of our cells; which in return will insure the good function of our organs. With our busy lifestyles we usually don’t have time for exercise and are usually living in highly polluted areas that put stress on our lungs leaving us with low levels of Oxygen. There are many studies that have linked the lack of Oxygen with a higher probability of acquiring a disease or an illness.

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